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Yes!  All gifts receive 100% tax receipt in the year the gift is given.  Tax receipts are sent electronically as each gift is made.

Kaleidoscope in the Schools is a program that is community-funded, allowing for every child, regardless of their socio-economic status to participate. This is one of many barriers to the arts that Kaleidoscope in the Schools (KITS) addresses head-on and helps to ensure the sustainability of the program long term. This means that the entire program must be funded each year by donors and sponsors like you!

The funds are used to pay program costs including:

  • project management, coordination & logistics,
  • program curation and development,
  • fees to Arts Facilitators leading our professional development component for teachers,
  • fees to Artists hired to put on the shows and deliver the workshops in schools,
  • fees to educational experts to build new study guides where necessary to meet the rigour of the program,
  • technical support for shows in schools, and other residency costs for artists including transportation, accommodation, and per diem.

Your gift for Kaleidoscope in the Schools (KITS) is considered a directed gift, which means that it can only support this program. Gifts are expressly tracked to ensure that is the case. If we raise more money than is needed in a particular year, the funds are held and purposed to growth and new opportunities to engage students and artists deeply in the program as we grow the program into under-served York Region schools as identified by our Board partners.

Please visit the About tab on this site to learn about our trajectory as we built this program. We created a unique Journey of the Child model that was based on academic research and long-standing understanding of arts experiences. The result was a carefully-crafted series of supports for elementary school teachers and students to deepen engagement and retention of their arts experiences.

Kaleidoscope in the Schools is currently offered to all students JK – Grade 4 in publicly-funded elementary schools in Aurora, Ontario. With the support of this campaign, KITS will expand to an additional 51 schools in York Region identified by the School Boards as having less access to the arts.